David Curcio
Black Sun Rise"The Future"Sunny's Burning (Flame On!)More Than You Know...Who Shall I Say...Dead Girl ("All have Been Wept For")Too Fucking Late (Oliver Reed)Abe Lincoln, 1972What Will You Do...? (August Strindberg)The Hour of DefeatWhat Will Survive of Us is NothingMelancholy ManI Wouldn't Worry About It (Lewis Powell)I Got Shears Pointed Strait at My ChestArmenian Pharmacist (Mister, I Am Your Connection)Bad Dreams...especially for you"Joyce Carol Oates: Never Stay a Minute Too Long/Don't Forget the Best Will Go Wrong"Joyce Carol Oates (Our Lady of the Seven Daggers)Cast Your Eyes in Ev'ry DirectionCathedral of TearsThe Heart You Save May be Your OwnDrought of LoveHermann UngerSave Your Strength...TIme To Go/Take Your TimeThe ScapegoatDon't Even LookOne Pussy Hair Away from HellWhen I First Came to Town
I Wouldn't Worry About It